Create a Problem Solving Corner

Creating problem solvers is one of the most important jobs we have as educators. While teaching, CEO Lana Hansen created a problem solving corner in her classroom. The tools in this corner empowers students — at any age — to walk through a three-part process to resolve conflict. They become better communicators and problem solvers while learning these lifelong skills:

Math Game: Fill Up Fives

One of the first math skills students learn is put together or add numbers. It is our goal as teachers for students to understand the concept, not simply get the answer. There are a lot of ways to teach this and we have found the best results when students can engage in a game. They stay focused longer and it

Hansen Publishes Math Resource Book for PreK-K Teachers

The Learning Carpet CEO Lana Hansen packs resources, tools and tips for engaging preschool and kindergarten students into a a new book called “PreK-K Math Path and More.” This book outlines the Math Paths that educators can use to assess the skills of each student, determine their depth of understand and take steps to focus math instruction for the better