New Book Published: Learn As You Play

The Learning Carpet CEO Lana Hansen has written a new book for K-5.  Learn as You Play with The Learning Carpet is an indispensable component to The Learning Carpet system.  It is an easy to use resource for anyone who wants to engage elementary students to deeply understand foundational math concepts using guided play.  This book is designed to give busy educators a quick background information on math progressions, detailed games or explorations that will move thinking forward, provide differentiation suggestions to better meet the needs of each student, and highlights open-ended questions that will cultivate a classroom of deep thinkers and clear communicators.

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It has over 200 games, activities, differentiation pieces, open ended questions all designed to help math make sense.

“The TLC approach is different because  we think through the lens of a young mathematician.  The new book is designed around guided play to engage and challenge each child to learn the critical content they need to be successful in school and life.” Hansen said.

Here’s a peek inside with some games you can check out.

Game Examples to Download:

PreK Lesson: Flip and Count To


1st Grade Lesson: Part-Part Total

Kindergarten Lesson: Double Flip and Put Together

2nd Grade Lesson: Pick Two

3rd Grade Lesson: Super Grouper


4th Grade Lesson: What’s Leftover?

5th Grade Lesson: Part of a Part

You can also watch games in action on their Youtube channel here. 

Hansen previously published a book for preschool  students. Learn more.