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Meet Lana

Lana Hansen brings a high-energy, application-focused approach to every session she leads. Participants can easily glean from her three decades of classroom experience where her creativity, passion and results earned her national recognition.

The Learning Carpet continues to grow and equip teachers and students with progressive tools under the leadership of Lana Hansen. The long-time teacher is passionate about making math make sense and bringing its problem-solving abilities to life for learners.

Her work earned her state and national recognition, including the 2008 Presidential Award for Excellence in Math and Science Teaching for the state of Colorado.

Classroom Teacher
Lana spent nearly three decades in the classroom, teaching students in grades 1, 2, 4 and 5 in Colorado and Wyoming public schools. She served as a Math Recovery Intervention Specialist and an Add+ Vantage Math Champion.

But she loves literacy, too. She became a National Board-Certified Teacher in Literacy, with a focus on reading-language arts and early and middle childhood.

Lana earned a Bachelor’s in Elementary Education from the University of Wyoming and a Masters in Reading and Education from The University of Northern Colorado.

Inspiring Teachers
Lana now seeks to inspire teachers to uncover the power of math in their classrooms and create a generation of problem solvers. Working side-by-side with teachers from preschool to sixth grade, Lana helps to build their professional knowledge of mathematics, identify specific student behaviors that signal depth of knowledge and employ strategies to differentiate instruction.

Known for her energy and wit, Lana has become a sought-out speaker and coach to engage and excite teachers in the United States and Canada. Learn more.

Professional Learning

``I know how challenging it is to meet the needs of each student. As a 2008 Presidential Award for Excellence in Math and Science Teaching awardee, I made it my mission to find the best tools that make the biggest difference for young mathematicians. The Learning Carpet is definitely one of those tools.``



Transform the skill-building work of making connections into engaging play.




Help students go beyond memorization to make lasting mathematical and language connections.




Empower students to see beyond the answer to discover new meaning in the work.