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Help students think deeper, learn and collaborate to maximize achievement.

Meet Lana

Lana Hansen brings a high-energy, application-focused approach to every session she leads. Participants can easily glean from her three decades of classroom experience where her creativity, passion and results earned her national recognition. Learn more about Lana.


Teachers love learning, too. Whether you’re looking to build new skills or , you’ll find a professional learning opportunity for you at The Learning Carpet™.

Hands-on Approach
With over 20 years of experience of providing the highest-quality teacher training, we meld theory, learning progressions, and standards with critical content and lessons.

We reveal the purpose behind each practice to advance student thinking as we engage, inspire and equip teachers with practical, but productive ways to meet the needs of each student while moving the whole class forward.

And most importantly, we make it fun! Who doesn’t want to have some fun?

Featured Trainings

  • Students Learn More with Math on the Floor!
    An introduction to The Learning Carpet™
    (PreK, K-2, 3-6, or single grade sessions available)
  • Creating a Mathematical Climate using a Workshop/Guided Math Model
  • Open-Ended Problem Solving: the Process that Produces Deep Thinkers
  • Don’t Assign Homework: Engage Families with Home Play!
  • Differentiation: Doable Ways to Meet Needs of Each Learner in the Room
  • Talk the Talk, Walk the Walk: Cultivating the Language of Mathematics and Encouraging Effective Math Practice

Don’t see what you need? This is simply a featured selection. Contact us to learn more about the trainings we provide.

Customized Training
One size does not fit all. We strive to meet the needs of each site. Contact us to personalize learning for your team.

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“Wow! This book is filled with great ideas to help my kids! It really gets my mind thinking.”

Geraldine, 3rd Grade Teacher
Fort Myers, Florida



Transform the skill-building work of making connections into engaging play.




Help students go beyond memorization to make lasting mathematical and language connections.




Empower students to see beyond the answer to discover new meaning in the work.