New Pre-K Book Published

Pre-K Learn as You Play helps preschool teachers engage, educate, and empower the children they serve!

Aligned to National and State Standards

A child’s learning journey in preschool is optimized by discovering and practicing the foundational principles in math and literacy that make a difference. We’ve analyzed best-practice research and aligned our materials with state and national standards to create the critical content for success.  See how we are aligned here. 

With a selection of over 120 kid-tested, teacher-approved games, educators can confidently use our learning system to engage and empower preschoolers to build the readiness skills they need for success in school and life.

Clear pictures for each game help understanding

Created with Busy Teachers in Mind

There’s a lot of cute stuff out there, but we don’t have time for cute. Each game uses specially designed materials to create deep thinkers who visualize quantities and make math make sense!

Structured along learning progressions, the chapters in the manual provide a logical and comprehensive guide so preschool teachers can confidently select lessons that will move their children forward.

The Purpose Behind the Practice quickly links research, offering a user-friendly approach to the why behind the games that build specific skills or strategies. This purpose-driven approach enhances the effectiveness of each playful learning session, maximizing the educational impact.

More Ways to Play tailors each game to meet the varied needs of individual learners. These suggestions empower teachers to create an inclusive learning environment where every child thrives.

The Seven Math Paths encourage teachers to look with different eyes and listen with different ears as they informally assess each child. These tools enable educators to gain valuable insights into what children know so they know what they need next to stay challenged. The communication that results also brings to light misconceptions the child has that can be directly addressed using our materials.

Tell Your Thinking offers model sentences in each game that serve as starting points. It encourages each child to tell how their brain figured it out and builds flexible thinking as well as communication and active listening skills.

Digging Deeper lists open-ended questions that allow children to think, discover and communicate their thinking about the big ideas of each chapter.

Pre-K Learn as You Play is not just a guide; it’s an important tool that helps teachers help children succeed. With its innovative features centered around guided play, this preschool manual promises to be an effective, easy-to-use resource for preschool teachers. We wrote this book to ultimately increase foundational understanding and encourage a lifelong love of math.