Math Game: Fill Up Fives

One of the first math skills students learn is put together or add numbers.

It is our goal as teachers for students to understand the concept, not simply get the answer. There are a lot of ways to teach this and we have found the best results when students can engage in a game. They stay focused longer and it make learning fun. A game that we recommend to engage young learners and deepen their understanding of this concept is called Fill Up Fives.

How It Works

  1. Put the number frames on the carpet. Each frame will be filled with two quantities to make 5 (the first using the blue side and the second using the red side of the Giant Counters).
  2. Choose visual tool sets 0-5. Mix them up and place them face down.
  3. Flip over a card and find the quantity. Create the quantity on one of the frames with the blue side showing.
  4. Flip over the next card and see if the quantity can fill the frame using the red side or if another frame needs to be started.
  5. Repeat until all four frames have been filled. Clear and repeat.

More Ways to Play

As teachers, we love inventing new ways to play to keep it fresh and fun. Here are some ideas:

  • Reduce each frame to 2-4 squares to add support.
  • Use the numeral cards to add challenge.
  • Increase each frame to 6-10 squares to add challenge.

Materials We Use