Math Game: Roll Away

One of the first math skills students learn is the concept of take apart or subtraction.

We find the best results with games. They help students stay focused longer and make learning more fun. Here’s a new one to try to engage young learners and deepen their understanding. It’s called Roll Away.

How it Works

  1. Create a five frame on the carpet squares using yarn or felt. Fill the frame with 5 Giant Counters.
  2. Roll a number cube and find the number of dots. When 6 is rolled, it is considered “wild” and the child gets to say how many counters are removed.
  3. Remove the shown quantity of Giant Counters on the five frame.
  4. Ask, “How many dots? How many empties?”
  5. Refill the frame and repeat.

More Ways to Play

  • Use other visual tool cards to 5 to change the play.
  • Reduce the frame to 2-4 to add support.
  • Increase the number frame to 6+ to add challenge.

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Materials We Use