DIY Math Tool: Felt Five Frame

As teachers, we become masters of DIY. Many times we have to be to keep learning fresh, fun and relevant. And we love a new idea to put into practice. Here’s a DIY Lana Hansen created for her classroom to build visualizing and structuring skills in young mathematicians. It’s called Felt Five Frame. It goes great with the game Fill

Math Game: Roll Away

One of the first math skills students learn is the concept of take apart or subtraction. We find the best results with games. They help students stay focused longer and make learning more fun. Here’s a new one to try to engage young learners and deepen their understanding. It’s called Roll Away. How it Works Create a five frame on

Math Game: Fill Up Fives

One of the first math skills students learn is put together or add numbers. It is our goal as teachers for students to understand the concept, not simply get the answer. There are a lot of ways to teach this and we have found the best results when students can engage in a game. They stay focused longer and it