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Transform the skill-building work of making connections into engaging play.




Help students go beyond memorization to make lasting mathematical and language connections.




Empower students to see beyond the answer to discover new meaning in the work.


Help Students Think, Learn, Collaborate

The Learning Carpet™ artfully challenges each student to think, learn, and collaborate to maximize achievement and student success. From preschool to sixth grade, students actively engage and discover the next critical concept they need to learn.

Designed by educators for educators, this versatile tool enables students to tackle challenges in whole group, small group, or individual settings. With one purchase of The Learning Carpet, teachers can provide endless personalized learning possibilities for students at all skills levels. Get started with The Learning Carpet and add application cards as you go.

About Us

Higher-Level Thinking

“Having the ability to construct the chart is such a deeper level task than teaching my students how to use a pre-made chart for the facts they don’t know. It’s interesting to see how my students help each other out when they come to a multiple and the spot they want to put it in is already taken.”

Teri, 4th Grade Teacher
Chicago, Illinois

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