Wendy and Ron Hill are retiring after after 24 years of owning, operating and developing The Learning Carpet-TLC, Inc. TLC has grown tremendously, from a lined grid in 1978 that Wendy devised, to a thriving company that is meeting the educational needs of thousands of students in many countries around the world.

We are absolutely thrilled to introduce our good friend and new owner, Lana Hansen. Lana is an experienced and dynamic elementary teacher, who has used The Learning Carpet in her classroom for over 10 years. She is an accomplished and enthusiastic presenter and is also a champion of The Learning Carpet. In 2008, Lana was granted the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching for Colorado. She videoed her students engaged in productive struggle to more deeply understand the connections between basic addition, graphing, and algebraic thinking using The Learning Carpet as an integral part of her application. Lana knows and believes The Learning Carpet can help each student to deeply understand the foundational principles of mathematics.

Now that we have turned over our business that grew beyond our wildest dreams, we want to thank all of the wonderful teachers for their support, encouragement and friendship. We are leaving with mixed emotions because we have had so much fun on this amazing journey. Our amazing TLC Team has been an integral part of our success!  Congratulations and thanks to our fabulous Office Manager Sandy and our supporting members Tanya, Shannon, Dustin and Dee. Our hearts swell with happiness and pride, knowing that all of our efforts to make TLC a viable teaching and learning tool will continue under the excellent leadership of Lana Hansen.

New carpets have been ordered and will be ready for shipping in late July, as per requests for delivery. Current prices will be honoured until the end of August. We plan to be in Colorado during the shipping process this summer, assisting Lana in her new role as Owner of The Learning Carpet-TLC, LLC.

Thank you for your continued support of The Learning Carpet.

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