Grades 3 – 4


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Empower students to see beyond the answer to discover new meaning in the work.

How do you create a deep foundational understanding of fractions and support the development of multiplication and division? Getting third and fourth grade students to see beyond the answer to discover new meaning in the work is at the core of the TLC tools.

Connecting area and perimeter to multiplication and addition, interpreting data, classifying shapes based on properties of their angles and lines demands active engagement to build a depth of knowledge in math.

TLC specifically created the materials you need and all our ideas are kid-tested and teacher-approved.

What is The Learning Carpet™?

A 6-foot by 6-foot area rug that ignites endless learning opportunities with specially designed learning card pack that build critical mathematical and language knowledge. They are aligned with academic standards and can be paired with any curriculum.


Intermediate Power Set

Get started with what you need and save on this teacher-recommended pack:

The Learning Carpet™

Number Cards

Place Value Cards

Multiplication Array Cards

Multiplication Chart Cards

Geo-Data Cards

Symmetry Lines

Resource Manual

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“The flexibility of the Symmetry Lines really helps my students to test and understand this concept. I also use them to show different angles, so my students build an understanding before we use protractors.”

Jon, 4th Grade Teacher
Toronto, Ontario, Canada


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Transform the skill-building work of making connections into engaging play.




Help students go beyond memorization to make lasting mathematical and language connections.




Create students who see the power of math and can solve our world’s problems.