Help students think deeper, learn and collaborate to maximize achievement.

“Having the ability to construct the chart is such a deeper level task than teaching my students how to use a pre-made chart for the facts they don’t know. It’s interesting to see how my students help each other out when they come to a multiple and the spot they want to put it in is already taken.”

Teri, 4th Grade Teacher
Chicago, Illinois

“The versatility of these cards is amazing! I use these to help my younger intervention students with whole numbers and use them as decimal representations with my older students!”

K-5 Math Interventionist
Lubbock, Texas

“My students love using these for spelling practice and word work! It’s easy to put different tasks out for my different groups to meet their needs.”

Reading Specialist
Columbia, Maryland

“The counters fit perfectly and help us think in whole group about how we problems in math. I have two students model in whole group and then sets of smaller counters for the rest of the class so we all stay engaged!”

Angela, 2nd Grade Teacher
Reno, Nevada

“The flexibility of the Symmetry Lines really helps my students to test and understand this concept. I also use them to show different angles, so my students build an understanding before we use protractors.”

Jon, 4th Grade Teacher
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

“The Geo/Data Cards are also a great tool for helping my 5th graders visualize multiplying and dividing fractions. They really help my students to develop a visual model of the complex concepts we are learning.”

Fifth Grade Teacher
Castle Rock, CO

“Wow! This book is filled with great ideas to help my kids! It really gets my mind thinking.”

Geraldine, 3rd Grade Teacher
Fort Myers, Florida


PreK –

Transform the skill-building work of making connections into engaging play.




Help students go beyond memorization to make lasting mathematical and language connections.




Empower students to see beyond the answer to discover new meaning in the work.




Create students who see the power of math and can solve our world’s problems.