The Learning Carpet with Number Cards

Permanently gridded, 100 square floor carpet (6x6 square), on which children from Kindergarten to Grade 6, are able to develop their understanding of mathematics and language through kinaesthetic learning. Includes Number Cards.

Price: $327.00

A child's number sense grows through the patterns observed by the numerical squares Concepts are better understood when linked to actual physical movement, e.g. forward step is addition, backwards is subtraction, right step adds 10, left step subtracts 10 Many concepts, from one-to-one correspondence, to place value, to addition and subtraction with regrouping, to multiplication and division facts, can all be experienced through the constancy of the numerical squares and the walking and placing of the number cards (red side/black side).

Other Uses for The Learning Carpet
# As an organizer for seriation
# As a device for non-standard measurement
# As a means to graph survey and measurement results for data management
# As a giant analog clock
# To create and extend patterns
# To demonstrate symmetry and other forms of transformational geometry
# To build and note the attributes of geometric shapes
# As an organizer for language concepts and games
# To experience mapping skills through coordinate geometry
Using the Learning Carpet-TLC
# Helps the child to think, reflect and problem solve, while allowing the exploration of new ideas in a non-threatening manner
# Helps the child learn that process and estimation are key factors in the learning outcome
# Facilitates individual and group learning
# Fosters independence, cooperation, confidence and positive self-esteem
# Active Learning and the Learning Carpet are Synonymous.

Use and Care of The Learning Carpet-TLC


TLC should never be used as an AREA RUG! (i.e., children should not be sitting on the carpet)

TLC is a learning tool that should be used often, but rolled and tied up, grid side out, and stored when not in use.

NOTE: Children should leave a walking path or track around the mat for use by children working on the carpet.

Everyday stains can be washed off the nylon carpet using a mild detergent.


We encourage teachers who have used The Learning Carpet!
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Two hour interactive Learning Carpet workshops, for 35-90 K-6 and Special education teachers, are available for your school, family of schools or district. Teacher training can be after school, through the day or on professional development days and can be designed to meet your specific needs. Let us help you create an exciting learning experience for your teachers!


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