About us

Help students think deeper, learn and collaborate to maximize achievement.

At The Learning Carpet™, we desire to create generations of deep thinkers, natural collaborators and engaged leaders. We measure our success one student at a time.

Started and led by educators, The Learning Carpet is a company that cares about each child achieving success. This women-owned company provides learning tools and professional learning opportunities in literacy and mathematics for teachers from preschool through sixth grade.

A Learning Legacy

When math teacher Lana Hansen first discovered The Learning Carpet at a conference, she was struck by the versatility. For over a decade, she put it to use in her classroom to help each student build a solid understanding of math and literacy concepts in a way that honored the thinking and skill level of each student.

She believed in the product so much that in 2017, Lana bought the company and brought it to the United States. She continues to expand the line of child-tested learning products and resources to include materials that build conceptual understanding based on the latest research, keeping student learning at the heart of The Learning Carpet. Learn more about Lana. 

The concept of The Learning Carpet™ sprung from an elementary classroom in 1978 where a teacher believed students learn best when they are actively engaged and working with others to learn. Although the philosophy is widely accepted in teaching today, it was bold at the time.

She built a prototype and put it into action. When student data revealed increased learning and student engagement, other teachers asked for their own Learning Carpets.

The Learning Carpet now equips teachers in public and private schools across Canada and the United States with tools that they can use to make learning both fun and impactful.

Core Values

Every decision we make is based on what we know is best for students. Our team is focused on these core values:

  • Think like a child.
  • Family matters.
  • Quality counts.
  • Create fun that means something.
  • Show integrity through actions.
  • Be honest and open.
  • Build relationships.
  • Keep learning and changing.
  • Have an open mind.
  • Create critical consumers.


Help each student to Think, Learn, and Collaborate to maximize achievement and student success.


Deliver our best to teachers so each learner can actively discover to make math and literacy concepts make sense.

“I know how challenging it is to meet the needs of each student. As a 2008 Presidential Award for Excellence in Math and Science Teaching awardee, I made it my mission to find the best tools that make the biggest difference for young mathematicians. The Learning Carpet is definitely one of those tools.”

“The versatility of these cards is amazing! I use these to help my younger intervention students with whole numbers and use them as decimal representations with my older students!”

K-5 Math Interventionist
Lubbock, Texas


PreK –

Transform the skill-building work of making connections into engaging play.




Help students go beyond memorization to make lasting mathematical and language connections.




Empower students to see beyond the answer to discover new meaning in the work.




Create students who see the power of math and can solve our world’s problems.