We encourage teachers who have used The Learning Carpet, to send us new and successful ideas that they have developed in their classroom. We will try to share them with other teachers in this section of our web site.We look forward to receiving your innovative and exciting ideas for using The Learning Carpet-TLC.

Number Scrabble from Andrea in Edmonton
Have a group of children pick 7 number cards from the 100 numbers.  Each child places one of their cards on its correct numerical space.  Each child then chooses another card from the pile so that they continue to have 7 cards in their hand.  The children take turns checking their cards to see if any of them can be placed connecting to one of the cards on TLC.  (NOTE:  Connections can be any square that touches the numbered square.) They could be awarded a point for each card they are able to place on the carpet.  If a child is able to place one or more cards, they choose the same number of cards from the pile to be back at 7 cards again.  This continues until there are no cards left in the pile and all number cards are correctly placed on The Learning Carpet.

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We encourage teachers who have used The Learning Carpet!
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